Crawlspace Insulation & Pumps

Insulation Removal Services

Insulation removal can be required for many different reasons including smoke or water damage, major renovations, dust or mold, and repairing improper existing insulation (blocked soffits, no vapour barrier).

Whatever the reason, we offer efficient and safe removal services for all blown in and fibreglass batt insulation. At RGH Construction we use the industry leading techniques to ensure that there isn’t any dust or mess in your home and that the space is ready for the next stage of the process.

Insulation Installation

Whether it’s a brand new construction project or a renovation, RGH construction can help install insulation. Proper insulation will increase your home’s efficiency by keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We ensure that there is no air leakage to reduce energy bills and to protect your home from mold, pollutants, and allergens. From Victoria to Nanaimo we have your Vancouver Island insulation needs covered.

At RGH construction we offer the following attic insulation solutions:

  • We install pink AttiCat® blown attic insulation to achieve an R40 rating. Standards require that attic insulation is 12 to 14 inches thick.
  • We also install a recycled insulation cellulose product. This form of attic insulation comes in at 16 inches thick to achieve an R40 rating as well.
  • Styrofoam Dura vents are installed to allow soffit vents to breathe.

Contact our Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, or Salt Spring Island location for a free estimate.

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