Vapor Barrier

At our RGH construction we offer these professional crawlspace insulation services:

  • Removal of existing old and deteriorated crawlspace insulation and vapor barriers.
  • Clean and remove all debris, then spray with solution to eliminate foul smell that may have been left by mold or rats and mice.
  • On the ceiling of the crawlspace we install our 28 bat insulation on either 16 or 24 inch floor joist centers depending on construction of crawlspace ceiling. We make custom cuts when needed.
  • Tyvec is a breathable housewrap that will keep your insulation dry and moisture out. This can be installed over the crawlspace insulation and fastened to the floor joists if your house is not skirted, or enclosed wire mesh can be installed to keep the critters out and the crawlspace insulation up and dry.
  • On the floor of your crawlspace we can install 12mm white high density poly vapor barrier.
  • Seams are glued and taped.
  • Proper fasteners and acoustic seal caulking is used around pillars and concrete footings for a tight fit.

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